Voice of Reason


When I lie, it makes sense. I am your father, your mother, your life.
You have rebelled in the past, but in the end you always loved me, perhaps too
I can explain what happened. Listen if you know what’s good for you. Play it
safe. There is no excuse for carelessness.
I’ve been around a long time. I can tell you things. It doesn’t matter who else
won. You’re not him and he could have lost it all. Add it up.
You could have been a memory.
When I lie, it makes sense.

Rich Ives is the author of Tunneling to the Moon: A Psychological Gardener’s Book of Days currently being published in serial @ Silenced Press everyday in 2014 and forthcoming in paperback. Begin from the beginning, catch up, read daily. Just refer to the Burrow Guide.