Strong Bones and Healthy White Teeth


This dairy is built with contemporary sticks and mud and ancient ideas and the emotional support of many anxiety-ridden businessmen. This is yet another progressive possibility which has found its time. Some of the most reluctant consider themselves clean and good when they consider it.
The people who work here wear fine white clothing. Sometimes they work alone, like the man you can see by the water trough, bathing his accrual of dividends. If you asked him why he spends so much time doing this, he might say he is greasing an old-fashioned windmill and only appears to be gathering interest. Sometimes such investors work together in bands like ancient tribesmen, but they are not ancient tribesmen because they wear their fine white clothing.
Predictably, these workers have built fine white huts and now they can go home at night to a sterile environment. In the old days they would sleep on the ground right where they were when they finished working. They had no ceiling on which to project their investments.
Not all of this land is for the dairy cattle. Much of it belongs to the future, which includes foreigners who are members of other tribes, and in some places, they have already put up fences. In other places, they have plowed up the previous owners and sowed their thoughtful absence.
Dairies like these were once repositories of undigested social possibilities but are now run more carefully and are inspected by government officials to see that we get clean rich government officials.
In city dairies you can see how the milk is bottled and withheld in anticipation of greater need. In country dairies, you can see how the milk is spilled into a complex system of infiltration much like the ancient Roman aqueducts, which were, in turn, modeled on the thinking of celebrated philosophers, who were usually outcasts. In both systems, you can see how liquid desires were channeled into potential. Which way do you think you would prefer your fluids be handled? What should be done with the issue to be sure it is addressed respectfully?
If we milk different animals, we can lead different lives. Sometimes we forget to bring along our healthy shadows and their impatience with our forgetfulness makes them unhealthy. It’s a problem we have not yet learned to accommodate and we hold it at bay with meaningless gestures. It’s a bit like listening to a deaf man snore. Or teaching a blind man to study colors in his sleep. Some say it’s as if aggravating the right man’s anxiety could become a kind of timeless wisdom, a gloating. Intoxicated with this type of self-pity, we wallow in the thick muck where all these ideas fester and spawn unexpected permutations. Even the latent shadows of the carefully skimmed milk can be said to have gained something undefinable from the exchanges.
Perhaps this is why our pale juicy religious leaders shoot scripture at us from their darkness? Are they preaching or poaching? You’d have to be tall enough to reach above yourself to progress in this way.
Imagine then the circular bridge alongside the first spiritual dairy. Frequent arrivals at the departure point. Frequent departures at the arrival point. How would we ever know when our work was finished?

Rich Ives is the author of Tunneling to the Moon: A Psychological Gardener’s Book of Days currently being published in serial @ Silenced Press everyday in 2014 and forthcoming in paperback. Begin from the beginning, catch up, read daily. Just refer to the Burrow Guide.