Pablo’s Snapshots


Here Pablo’s father is discussing landscapes with a group of small insects. That’s a
dream he had at nine sitting next to him. He’s forgotten its name, but it answers to
In another world he is constructing a jungle. Notice the envy of the grass. It’s only
temporary. The world stays way ahead of us.
And here in the past is Pablo’s father emerging from the meat locker he works in
wearing a stained white coat, sausages for his family hidden in his clothing.
That was the year Pablo’s dog slept in a tree and Pablo’s face was a clock. It might
have been a grade school play.
And here is Pablo’s family eating. He refuses the chicken and the tuna. He is
sulking behind the tulips, which don’t bloom every year. He thinks he’s not the same
species. He’s trying not to be so easy to get to.
And here he is with his cousins, yard rats all, chasing a battered football. They are
smiling stupidly because they want to.
And here his parents’ smiles are saying, “We will not die.” He believes them and
they don’t.
Not in this picture.

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