Military History


When Granite arrived, men stopped depending upon their fists. Some of these men
had been working to get animals and plants to do what they wanted them to do. Very
quickly, Granite discovered that these men were made of a softer rock, which has been
broken up and changed by the weather. Nevertheless, Granite decided that people and
trees should be allowed to grow upwards if people and trees will do that. It’s a widely
held belief.
A poet imagines the grandeur of the mountains and a comedian digs a hole to put
the mountains in. Or a comedian laughs at an imaginary mountain and a poet digs a hole
to live in on top of the mountain. That’s just what they do.
We can see the same thing happening today in coffee houses where the first men to
arrive in the cafe denied they were foreign agents while they continued translating
Chilean poems. In each of the Chilean poems of that time, there was a little adobe house
and a very very tiny patch of earth where coffee beans were struggling to survive. The
families who lived in the adobe houses collected tree blood from the weeping trees to
make syrup and gave back the sugar from their own sweetened veins. But it wasn’t clear
why the trees needed this sugar.
Naturally, many people wanted their fair share of the ancient Indians sweetened
and made famous by the translated poems. Collectors and commodities traders stockpiled
great quantities. Such men were called Blunts and could not be relied on to feed children.
There are still some places in the world where chunks of fossilized coffee
farmer can be dug out of coal deposits near the surface of the ground. Hardened domestic
animals appearing frequently in the poems as music or donkeys are used for roofs.
Small sewers and drains are often made of more reluctant creatures.
Compare the only surviving picture of Jean Francois Millet, a French artist of the
19th Century, to the terrible paintings of famous comedians. And yes, these distinctions
were once assimilated by cultivated men right there in the fields.
The freedom fighters’ search for heroic Flint, who had found all artists wanting,
their rejected compositions being useful only for black powder conveyance and selective
directional assertions, started fresh men digging in the ground again, but the results were
not the same as the results that were in the minds of the men when they started digging.
Test farmers were used to place the coffee beans in the weapons to which they
were meant to be applied. This was depicted in the famous paintings of independence
made by the freedom fighters when coffee was no longer needed and nostalgia took over
the government. Please don’t assume that this was entirely successful. Please don’t
assume that adequate resolution of the issues involved will ever be forthcoming. Please
test the sentimental potentials of your assumptions before applying overflow limitation
devices. Please examine the softer farmers before planting.
The samples may be returned after the war is over, but the samples are not the war.

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