What kind of animal are you?
Still forming. Not a hair left untouched.
Are you capable of subtle distinctions?
The past has presence. I have presence. We don’t have to occupy further.
It lets the wind pass through you? Lets the earth?
Yes, but when it’s my turn to explain, I listen. I try not to be thick, not to entertain.
I try not to discourage fragrances. I’m not alone.
Perhaps we live in bodies that do not understand civilization?
As something else we achieve success. As someone different we define our future
landscape. As ourselves, birth continues.
What luck. We don’t have to go to the twentieth century today.
Yes, a gift from the bushes. Independent gardens for independent desires. They
visit us with history. We don’t have to exaggerate.
But when it leaves, you are still here. Come sit awhile. Come rest.
It feels very peaceful. We have never been a greater crime.

Fiction. Modern Abstract Fables.

(First edition, hardcover with dustjacket, 524 pages, $36.50 USD.)

Tunneling to the Moon: A Psychological Gardener’s Book of Days draws from fairy tales, a condescending of a 1938 Social Studies reader for 6th grade, an 1890 handbook on marital compatibility, numerous annoying educational advancement studies, the myths and legends of third-world countries and minority peoples, pulp fiction, a history of carnival side shows, folktales, frequent conversations with Crows, Owls and a wide variety of underground inhabitants, insects and the people who collect them, Joseph Cornell, Günter Eich, Russell Edson, the French Surrealist poets, the Quay Brothers, letterpress printing, and the author’s inability to channel his imagination linearly.

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