5×5: Discrete Events
Abjective: Caution; Do Not Touch Grounded Bats
German Photography and Russian Politics
Abremelin: Eventually I Begin Raining
Anobium: Aerial Distribution of Aquatic Spiders
Sunlight, Another Shadow
The Angle of Moonlight
How to Locate Your Equivalent in the Real World
Apt: Small Daisy Tied Around a Finger Like a Ring
Aroostook Review: A Summer Evening
Nuptial Device for the Capture of Boredom
Avatar Review: Previously Unavailable for Comment
Early Psychology
Perhaps There Will Be Something Left
Barge: Odd Little Funerals
Basalt: A Science Kit
A Substantially Delayed Consideration of Responsibility
Beecher’s Magazine: Anonymous Application
The Binnacle: Against Illusion
Bitter Oleander: Tall Tales
An Error in Judgment
Torn Shirt
A Feeling of Loss
Which Side Are We On?
Notes Toward a Voluntary Self-Colonization
A Tiny Wooden Cage
Stagecoach Diorama with Unreasonably Protruding Antlers
An Irrational Fear of Milking
Masked in a White Stocking Thick Enough to Blind Her,
She Leans Forward into a Wind Like a Boat’s Figurehead
An Arrow Beyond the Target
A Compulsion to Empty the Container
Scatter to the Hills My Children
A Contemporary Reflection on the Traditional Values of Marital Union
People Tell Me That I Look Like Someone Else
A Translation of the Missing Story
Domestic Engines
Black and White: As a Weapon the Oar Is Useless
Blackbox Manifold (UK): How to Locate Your Equivalent in the Real World
Sunlight, Another Shadow
I’ve Given Everyone a Copy
Black Words on White Paper: Some of My Selves Treat Me Badly
Blood Lotus: Wrong
The Blotter: Another Spiritual Friend
Contract for a Small Dish of Seeds
Blue Fifth Review: Temporary Embodiment of a Passing Cloud
Buffalo Carp: Family Tree
Cafeteria: The New Mayor of Italian Stones
Catalonian Review: Cruel Story from the North Country
Cavalier Literary Couture: Enemies
Critical, Overt, Unloading
Chaffey Review: The Geisha’s Reply
Clutching at Straws: A Life of Crime
Colorado-North Review: Speculations Concerning the Source of Certain
Unidentified Manuscripts
Connotation Press: A Conspicuous Absence of Fathers
The Woods are Lovely
Corduroy Mountain: The Truth About Cowboys
Corium Magazine: What World Do You Live In?
Corvus: Very
Crosscurrents (California): A Light in the Window
Crosscurrents (Washington): On Recent Investigations into the Character
and Habits of the Common Mole
A Dog Barking at the Wind
I Couldn’t Remember Your Name
The Sculptor’s Method
Voice of Despair
His Speech Mistaken for Tapping
CutBank: Aren’t You Going to Be Slightly Alright?
Are You Planning to Take Part in the Dark?
Several of These Could Make a Lamp
Dacotah Territory: The Point of His Music
Daily Love: Impulsive
Danse Macbre: The Suspect Was Observed Entering the Reservoir
The Memory of Fruit
An Exercise
DecomP: First Night
The Delinquent (UK): If Alfred is the Father
Is It Still Kidnapping?
Dunes Review: Proof Reading
Eclipse: The House by the Lake
Eunoia Review: A Spiritual Dilemma
A Story About Water and Light
A Second Generation Citizenship Test
Fiction at Work: Don’t Do It in Public
Fiction Review: The Man Who Believed in Magic
Fine Madness: Learning to Count
There’s Got to Be a Little Rain Sometimes
Fickle Muses: A Temporary Loss of Personal Identity
Only the Free Man Knows He’s a Slave
First Intensity: The Body’s Legend
The Caretakers
The Day Before the Arrival of the Owls
That Which May Survive Us
Forty Ounce Bachelors: Bad Bag of Romance
Front Porch: One Tomato
A Map of Her Life
Gargoyle: Scottish Ancestors
Gihon River Review: Adolescence
An Absence of Clouds
Georgetown Review: A Calculation of the Trajectory
Greenfield Review: Photographs of Our Former Lives
Patra Düldig’s Galoshes
Poetry and Domestic Life
Green Silk: Button Baby’s Response to the Mysteries of Life
Hawaii Review: A Successful Businessman Takes Up Needlepoint
The Happiness of Children
Hazmat Review: An Elegy for the Woman Next Door
HeartLodge: Prayer to the New Season
Ilya’s Honey: Another Ransom Note
Wounded Landscape with Recovery Figure
Image: At the Movies
In Between Altered States: The Day Before the River Returned
International Poetry Review: The Car Rocked in the Wind Like a Cradle
Iowa Review: Chilled
His Finger Eaten by a Pig
Jellyroll: The End of the Road
Territorial Imperative
Kill Author: Bob’s New Boat
You’re Not Here Yet. Come In.
The Moment of Impact
Knock: Unavoidable
Lethologica: Voice of Reason
Voice of Rest
Voice of Forgetfulness
Voice of Self Pity
Voice of Time
Pablo’s Snapshots
Blood Cleanses the Wound
Linguistic Erosion: I’m Not Finished Yet
The Listening Eye: The Shorter Path That Goes Through the Garden
Takes More Time
Her Poem Before the Rain
Marginalia: Long Overdue Criticism of Edna
Massachusetts Review: A Mining Incident
Midway: Ransom; An Italian Folktale
Mississippi Review: In Preparation for Setting a Watch
A New Jacket
Notes for a Folktale
Mochila Review: A Mobile Home
A New Embrace
A New Religion
A Pleasure and a Wound
Mobius: Herbal Remedies
Dull, Needy and Almost Available
Montana Review: A Chair, a Dog, Two People and Flies
Muse & Stone: Odd Farmer
Not Yet
Nebraska Review: Innocence
New Orleans Review: As Soon As You Know
Two Sisters Fail to Die Tragically in Freak Accident
North American Review: Gustave Flaubert and the Broken Bicycle
Northwest Review: True Stories
Oyez: Impatient
Pacific Coast Journal: Why Can’t We Be Farmers
Painted Bride Quarterly: It Could Make You a Little Sick
Pear Noir: Several Undocumented Instances
Pennsylvania English: Rehabilitation
Perigee: Cloud Formations
Permafrost: Morning Landscape with Camembert
La Petite Zine: Perhaps We Are Not Dreaming
Phantasmagoria: Men of Science
Pipe Dreams: Visitors
Poetry Motel: Reluctant
Poor Mojo’s Almanac: I’ll Take Care of You
Prose Poem International: My Sons Go Dancing
Puckerbrush: Recent Studies Have Shown
Quarterly West: An Ex-Confessional Poet’s Notes on Theology
Ray’s Road Review: A Self-Guided Tour of Jonathan
Little Brown Dream Coats
Nail Soup
Blind Wife
Shouldn’t You Be More Specific
A Simple Folk Remedy
A Decision to Have More Children
Secret Lives of the Hatless
Concerning the Story I Wrote
Large Marbled Sphere of Unknown Origin
A Dinner Guest
Clowntime Is Over
Question at Low Tide
Primitive Instincts
Her Boyfriend
Historical Significance
For a Friend After a Long Absence
The Disappearance of the Common Farmer
The First Person, Plural
Red Hawk Review: Separation
Red River Review: Consolation Gifts
Reverbnation: Change in the Weather
Riverbabble: Detritus
Crying the Mare
The Scrambler: How to Locate Your Equivalent in the Real World
Seems: What I Knew About My Older Sister, Patricia, Life Span Two Hours
Why She Refused to Discuss It
Shelf Life: Getting Religion
Silenced Press: The Clairvoyance of the Blinded Eye
You Can’t Take It Home with You
Skidrow Penthouse: Revolutionary
This Guy Harvey’s Delusions
More Than You Think
Slackwater Review: Hangdog the Carpenter
Hangdog the Hunger Artist
Smashed Cat Magazine: The Same River Once
Snow Monkey: Occupant
Nickel Dropped in a Dead Man’s Beer
SNReview: Open
Entrance to the Moon
Softblow (Singapore): The Resting Place of an Art Deco Clock, Which Has Not Moved
in Thirteen Hours and Thirty-Three Seconds
An Unidentified Enclosure Containing Two Occupants
South Carolina Review: A Visit to Holland
A Theory of Relativity
Spilt Milk (UK): Sophie
Subtle Fiction (New Zealand): Success
Superstition Review: Who the Hell Does He Think He Is?
Which Crime?
A Factory Located Inside the Transparent Sphere
Switchback: Acceptance
Thieve’s Jargon: Salesman
Toasted Cheese: Home to Her Island
Trigger: Why He Refused to Discuss It
Turnrow: How to Have a Successful Relationship
Ucity: Never Any Doubt
No Longer in Residence
Unlikely Stories: Delinquent
Could Have Been the Ocean, Could Have Been the Sea
Verse: Temporarily Overcome by Exhaustion
Weave: An Explanation of and Justification for the Salary Increase of Class II Engineers
Following the August Sixth Amtrak Derailment Near Sioux City, Iowa
Weird Year: That’s Just the Way I Stop Talking
Willow Springs: Old Cotter
The Other Woman
The Moment of Impact
Written Arts: A Bowl of White Roses
Sunset, After Quail Hunting with My Father
Yarrow: The Man Who Juggled Eyes

“A Light in the Window” was reprinted in the Anthology of Magazine Verse and
Yearbook of American Poetry.

“The Man Who Juggled Eyes” was reprinted in Vibrations and The Montana Review.

“Old Cotter” was reprinted in The Slackwater Review.

“A Light in the Window,” “Hangdog the Carpenter,” “Patra Düldig’s Galoshes,”
“Hangdog the Hunger Artist,” and “An Ex-Confessional Poet’s Notes on Theology” were
reprinted in The New Taste.

“The Dark Bird in the Dream of an Old Woman” appeared in somewhat different form in
the limited edition poetry collection Notes from the Water Journals (Confluence Press).

“Small Daisy Tied to a Finger Like a Ring” was reprinted by Fiction Daily.

“Anticipatory” was reprinted in Bitter Oleander.

“A Dog Barking at the Wind” was included in the Crosscurrents Traveling Arts Exhibit.

Special thanks to the Seattle Arts Commission for a grant, and to Everett Community
College for a sabbatical, which contributed to the completion of this book.

Fiction. Modern Abstract Fables.

(First edition, hardcover with dustjacket, 524 pages, $36.50 USD.)

Tunneling to the Moon: A Psychological Gardener’s Book of Days draws from fairy tales, a condescending of a 1938 Social Studies reader for 6th grade, an 1890 handbook on marital compatibility, numerous annoying educational advancement studies, the myths and legends of third-world countries and minority peoples, pulp fiction, a history of carnival side shows, folktales, frequent conversations with Crows, Owls and a wide variety of underground inhabitants, insects and the people who collect them, Joseph Cornell, Günter Eich, Russell Edson, the French Surrealist poets, the Quay Brothers, letterpress printing, and the author’s inability to channel his imagination linearly.

Begin from the beginning, catch up, read daily. Just refer to the Burrow Guide.