A Factory Located Inside the Transparent Sphere Used to Restrain the Literal-Mindedness of Children


The frogs and rabbits were walking on stilts. You would have said they were
overabundant, but they didn’t think so. Imagine if you had never walked upright on two
legs and then you did it and did it.
But the coyotes were holding their bellies and rolling on the ground. They
perceived rigidity as an error, patient progress as something less than ambulatory
mastery. “Let’s buy them some training wheels. Let’s soften the fall zone.”
A meadow’s a meadow and a marsh is a marsh. You won’t get away with
combining them to avoid noticing the limited achievements. But a ranch with both a
marsh and a meadow may be a suitable location for a certain type of devious
individualist. The kind that breeds freely and likes to watch espionage films. No real
armor in his defenses at all, but a tangible lazy “want” barrier.
Your diary never mentioned it.
The hired man with the tire iron never mentioned it.
And the migratory turtles, the real ones, where were they while the impersonations
were going on at the misplaced production facility?
It’s true. A flagged daffodil of light was destined to escape the stilt parade. You
tried disturbing the universe, but it got to you first. The frogs and rabbits were too busy to notice.
It appeared rather dignified, actually, but am I to understand that in certain
instances a relocated factory has been known to merely change its representation of the
product in order to evade philosophical implications?
Imagine if you had never and then you did. Imagine the surprises in it so close
together you would think there was only one. Elevated artificially. Superior to your own
autobiographical rewards. Holding on to its belly and rolling on the ground like an

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