Poem on a Polaroid


I’m two, maybe three,
on a couch of drab
gold, lima bean
green and turd brown.

On my already-angular
face is a leprechaun
grin, eyes caught
in mid-gleam beneath

my still-bald scalp. I’m
lifting up my Muppet Babies
shirt, tiny hand beneath,
frozen in polaroid

purgatory – caught in mid

tickle. I always loved
when others’ hands
would knead my flesh

into a tub of ticklish
goo. I’d scream for them
to stop and then beg them
to continue. I suppose

I still do. On the
once-white strip in faded
black it reads, “Ad
is easily entertained.”

Adam Hughes is a writer and pastor from Lancaster, Ohio. He is a graduate of Ohio Christian University and his poety has appeared in several online and print journals. He enjoys being outside, reading, and spending time with his wife and infant daughter. He probably owns more baseball cards than you.