My Eyes Were Lists


Together we carried out our panic
like paramedics, cut the clothes
from the shinbones and cardiac arrest.
I surveyed the dings and the dents,

the damage of the hail
like representatives of the state.
And then there was
the excrement of the page,

the documentation of every non-incident.
We handled the same red tape,
fired our yesterdays,
calculated the dirty total.

We analyzed this winter of exposure.
We threw our votes.
You left two ends in the ash tray.

Andrew Rihn was born in Canton, Ohio, where he still lives. His poetry has appeared in, or is forthcoming from Blue Collar Review, Nov 3rd Club, Motel 58, Labor, and streetcake magazine. Most recently, an e-chapbook of prose poems, entitled The Alphabetical Atheist, was released by Scars Publications.