Dr. Einstein speaks to the Nobel Committee Concerning the Physics in a Photograph


This is another dimension.
Time, Space, Light, Matter
all collide.

I think; therefore, I make cohere.
This is the Fifth Avenue
of knowing:
the control park.

Light, although it moves
in part like a sea,
does not go around corners.

Everything is violated, here.
In this picture is a lake
and a garden, a walk,
for example,
that were here
before you were born.

The lake is no more.
Yet we can see it. Here.
Where is here?
What is the law?

We are moored,
not to our bodies,
but to the boathouse
by a trick of space:
a living continuum of light.

The lady’s parasol
tips a circle in the sunlight
only for a second:
she’s looking at you.

This is a window,
a black hole

punched open on the void
through which we look
to see old stars.

It is not difficult
to look up
at the lost light
of the novae, the pulsars,
and, in a ballet,
stand on the toe
of the slipper and turn,

then to look
at these creatures
at noon,
looking back at us:

       they are lost clocks,
       music boxes,
       who keep time
       by not moving,
       by falling in place
       in their orbit.

It is illusion,
a magic:

       the molecules of the silver
       on the paper are alive,
       moving to sustain the view
       under your gaze,

       molecules that were once themselves,

It is all relative.
So, look closely; we are all together;
we will meet our dead fathers
alive somewhere again
on Fifth Avenue, in the park;

for now, we must settle
for this:

      I will be gone soon,
      to talk, to think,
      but you will know me;
      we will meet again,

out there
among the other lost creatures
found in the changing waves
of that dry sea….

Robert Blake Truscott has had work appeared in over 40 journals in 20 states and several anthologies, including The Virginia Quarterly Review, Nimrod, The Mississippi Review, Sou’wester, The Greenfield Review, The California Quarterly, and The Literary Review. More recently, his work appeared in the anthology In The West of Ireland, and in The Hampden-Sydney Review Anthology, among others. Mr. Truscott is published in a number of educational texts published by the Research Education Association, and he was the poetry editor for more than a decade with Stone Country before that journal ceased publication. He is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars and currently teaches writing as a distance learning instructor and as an instructional designer for Colorado Technical University, and Regis University. Mr. Truscott was the Assistant Director and Writing Specialist for The Douglass/Cook College writing Center at Rutgers University for seven years, and was a Senior Communications Consultant for SWG Consulting in New York City for 15 years. He is currently married and lives in Colorado in the shadow of Pikes Peak.