Almost There


You tracked me down and caught me like a little slut fish hardened out of water
uncovered from a past lover, and shivering.
You knew you would with words and a delicately placed syllable over the repetitive lie
of two separate lives dancing appearances in diaries and dreams and unhinged seams
I don’t destruct, I passively allow, through a fuck and all other forms of here and of now
You knew I would be yours with a verb and a noun
and a verse to end the vapid reentry into my ocean
the water is so cold
and you cover me with less than a body more with a hold
there is nothing as loving as the unknown
nothing as passionate as wandering from home
to the covert to the clandestine to the beautiful spark of an almost there, baby
almost there.

Lara Konesky

Resident of Columbus, Ohio.