No Permanent Scars Reader Reviews


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No Permanent Scars is such a wonderful piece of literature. Having never read much literary nonfiction in the past, this was a great introduction to the genre. Each individual story was touching and had a purpose. The balance between heartwarming and heartbreaking in the stories was perfect. All of the words actually made me feel something, as there were no cliches — all just personal experiences written in a relatable way. I was also disappointed when I had finished the book – I wanted to read more. The last essay was the most striking to me, and that just made me hope for a sequel. Incredible.

-Laura Van Valkenburgh


No Permanent Scars is raw, yet gentle. It is always honest and never pretentious. It is a sincere look at life, with all of its flaws and its precious glorious moments. It made me miss those I love and be thankful that my awkward adolescence is rooted permanently in the past. It made me thankful that there are teachers who care for their students because they remember how difficult childhood can be even when you hit the lottery in terms of parents and how crushing it can be when you pull the short straw. It is brilliant, and worthy of every second you give to it.



I loved “No Permanent Scars” by Hemery. Within the first sixty pages I had cried and laughed out loud. The naiveté we all experience throughout life, the angst and teenage hormones, and the constant discovery as we try to figure out what we should be when we grow up. Not to mention the decision on parenthood…

Hemery does an excellent job in weaving a tale of reality that takes you through his triumphs and struggles and leaves you wanting more. I was so sad when I finished the book, and wished I had savored every page a little longer. This is a book you find reading out loud to whomever will listen to you just so you can share in the delight. I do wish Hemery would write these stories as fast as I can read them.

Do yourself a favor and read this book. You won’t be sorry.

-Kathleen E. Tesoriero