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Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Süskind


In this abbey Abbot Abbot explains to William the discovery of a monk named Adelmo in a ravine; dead, hit by the rocks as he fell, thrown from one of the windows of the abbey building. He authorizes Guillermo to investigate the case. It authorizes you to do everything necessary to clarify the case, unless you enter the library, the best library of all the abbeys, whose entry was totally forbidden to everyone except the librarian, Malachi.

In the abbey there is an old friend of William, called Ubertino da Casale, they talk about the times they spent together. While Guillermo and Adso are in the chapel of the abbey with Ubertino, a perverse-faced monk appears, named Salvatore, who lives in this abbey because he was saved by Ubertino.

That same day Guillermo also spoke with the herbalist monk, severino. Guillermo asked him if he had dealings with Adelmo, the deceased, he said no, that Adelmo lived with other monks, with those who frequented the scriptorium.

They visited the scriptorium where they met the best porno chileno around. At that time there was a conversation between monks in which they spoke of Adelmo, Guillermo saw that Berengario, the assistant of the librarian and Venancio maintained a good relationship with Adelmo. Here they also met Jorge, a very old and blind monk.

Guillermo and Adso are taken to a cell where they eat discussing the event of the horse. Without being warned by the abbot, Adso listens to a conversation between him and Guillermo in which in addition to discussing about theological issues, the abbot tells the tragedy of the death of Adelmo, one of the monks, whose mystery Guillermo was sent to discover. The abbot forbids William to enter the library of the abbey. Finally, Guillermo decides to visit his old friend Ubertino who is in the church.

Guillermo and Adso go to the church where Ubertino is and after admiring the cover of this, a strange-looking monk named Salvatore approaches and speaks to them in an incomprehensible language, Guillermo has slight suspicions about him. Already in the church they hold a talk with Ubertino about politics, theology and the current situation of the Franciscans, which will be resolved in a meeting in the following days between the delegates of the Pope and the Franciscans.

Guillermo and Adso are at the exit of the church with Severino, the herbalist, and hold a constructive conversation about herbs and the gardens of the abbey, then this leads him to the building showing him on the way some

Guillermo and Adso direct the scriptorium where they meet with Malaquías de Hidelchein the librarian, who introduces them to many monks who are there; He tells them about the library and shows them the work of the monk who died. Jorge, an old monk waiting for the Antichrist, arrives and begins a controversial conversation with some of the monks present about the drawings and laughter.

Then they met Nicola, the glassmaker monk. Once they entered into conversation, Nicola told Guillermo that very strange things happened in the abbey, especially in the library. That he saw lights at night, that it was very strange, that he did not know if they were will-o’-the-wisps, or the glow of the dead librarians.

Guillermo and Adso leave the library and while the monks carry out their religious services, they go through the rest of the monastery. In the smithy they have a conversation with Nicola da Morimondo, the glazier rubias19, who explains his theory about the mystery of the library. Once alone, Guillermo and Adso draw their own conclusions about Adelmo’s death, and then head to the dining room.

Many of the monks of the abbey attributed the events to machinations of the evil one, that is, of the devil. But Guillermo did not believe that this was so, nor that the young Adelmo was killed, but rather it was a suicide


While all were praying, alarmed three servants went to the abbot saying there was a dead man. They approached the hog pigs and in a jar filled with pig’s blood was a lifeless man who turned out to be Venancio, the Greek specialist in the library, whom Guillermo met the day before.

They took him to the herbalist’s lab and examined his body. They thought he had been poisoned. Guillermo asked Severino, the herbalist, if he had potions to poison, to which Severino replied that yes, that in the laboratory he had everything, but that he had not missed anything.

Guillermo interrogates two monks, Benció and Berengario, about the death of Adelmo. Benció told him that there was a discussion between Venancio, Adelmo, Berengario and Jorge about a book written by Aristotle which Jorge said did not exist and then Venancio and Adelmo and went to ask something to Berengario. Berengario tells him that he saw Adelmo before he died, walking like a ghost through the cemetery. Guillermo thinks that Adelmo committed suicide because he was tormented by something bad he had done and he blamed it on Berengario whom he saw in the cemetery before his death, who was so frightened that he thought it could have been a vision.

Another monk, Aymaro, also complains that many strange things happen in the abbey, especially in the library.

Then they went up to the scriptorium where Guillermo had a long dialogue with Jorge about laughter, in which Jorge expresses that Christ did not laugh and that laughter is bad they also talk about Aristotle’s book where he talks about laughter but Jorge comments that this book does not exists. After Guillermo approaches the library’s anteroom and approaches the table of the late Venancio to see if he finds any clue about his death, but Bencio tells him to stop the investigation and to follow him, that he has something very important to tell him. After talking to him, Guillermo and Adso, they hesitate if Bencio really wanted to tell them something or what he wanted was to take them away from Venancio’s table.

Bencio tells Guillermo how one night he saw Adelmo running out of Berengario’s cell and how he was chasing him. Then he went to the cemetery and another monk, Venancio, had also observed these actions. The next morning the body of Adelmo appeared. It follows that Berengario was attracted to Adelmo and had some sexual contact that night. Guillermo and Adso decided that it was necessary to enter as it was in the library if they could.

Later Guillermo and Adso talk to the oldest monk in the whole abbey and manage to get him out of red tube.

At night they enter the scriptorium through an altar of the church and go to the table of Venancio where they find a scroll with phrases in Greek and when approaching it to the flame they see symbols appear, they realize that someone he is atoning for them, he realizes that they have seen him and escapes. Guillermo and Adso chase him but they can not catch him. When Guillermo arrives again at the table of Venancio realizes that his glasses have been stolen, they also miss a book that was on a table.

They get into the library and see that it is built in the form of a labyrinth, with mirrors that distort the image and rooms where you can breathe a smoke that makes you see visions after a long time find the exit of chance. When they left, they met the abbot who told them that he did not know where Berengario was. They looked for him all over the abbey and could not find him. When they go to his cell they see that it is empty but they find a cloth full of blood.


Also engages in a conversation with Salvatore in which he sees that he had been a heretic before arriving at the abbey.

This day Adso has a long conversation with the friar Ubertino where he tells him long stories about Friar Dulcino, a friar who thought that since Christ was poor, all the rich had to be killed. That night Adso finds a village girl in the kitchen, she is surprised, but when they see each other they make love and enjoy their bodies and when all this ends the girl escapes running, Adso discovers horrified a big bleeding heart, wrapped in cloth wrapped cloths that the girl had left. It was an animal heart.

After matins, the abbot orders to find Berengario. A monk finds in his cell a cloth stained with blood. Guillermo goes to the smithy where Nicola the glassmaker to ask for some new glasses, meanwhile also is still asleep.

Also, upon awakening, goes to the scriptorium where he observes the monks as he reflects on the history of his order and the obsession of the monks with the books in the library. At lunchtime he goes to the kitchen.


The author Umberto Eco highlights some aspects that had been taking place in

The Middle Ages and places them in this story developing it in the situation of a

Abbey where he did not escape from this reality of ambitions and search of

Power. Where the double standards of some monks, who did not care at all

His promise to live the life option they had promised.

-One of the points is the library, where it is represented as: the center of the

Knowledge of everything that has been written and that has been saved as part

Of the heritage of humanity. But this is the image of those who do not want

Make this knowledge known by having an erroneous idea; for that reason they prefer

Hide it and get to the point of committing atrocities to avoid revealing

Which they consider to be detrimental to their own interest.

-The theme of the search for truth and the desire to explore what is

Considered “forbidden”, brings consequences for those who want to know what

Had been written in the pages of Aristotle’s book. The subject of what

Prohibited is something important; for bonding and going back to a good time

Controversial, regarding the issue of political and religious power that was coming


The Analyst by John Katzenbach

A man turned his fiftieth age and he began to think about everything they had suffered at that time that some people were living complaining about their mother in the building where other people lived who were Levy Bisho and Roger, Roger had a manipulative and hypochondriacal wife to whom her son did not love her as the gentleman told of all the children who complained about their mothers.

Roger’s father died at age 53, smoked a lot, went to the office of an analyst Roger with whom he went and had a key to ring the bell was to play 3 times that both were short and the last was long to know that Roger was and not a street vendor Roger entered and while he was attending the analyst he saw the clock to which Roger told him you attend to me as the last person or there is someone else who also attends after me because I like to be the last or the first.

From my point of view Roger had something and he told the analyst that because he did not give the sessions to finish while he got angry and he knew that those would be some of his sessions because later the analyst would take the vacation that he usually takes in August Furious Roger He decided to get up and tell her that he saw him the next day in his last session because after her he would go on vacation and leave him alone.

The analyst used to separate the office in parts since it had 3 doors which led to the kitchen a small hall and another where it gave a hallway of the building alone that he used to think it was another reality to be in the office to go through those doors, the analyst heard the doorbell to what he thought that who had returned or who had forgotten went to the waiting room and saw nothing but Roger before leaving also heard the same thing that someone had rung the bell and wanted to feel the presence of someone to whom the analyst began to think that if he was the analyst he could be analyzed.

The analyst went to the room and listened to someone who saw a letter in one of the seats he did not want to look so melodramatic because he thought that none of his patients would do that he placed the letter on his forehead looking like someone who had mental powers and because he did not want to be alarmed because he did not know or had any idea that he could have left her.

In the envelope came two sheets read one of the sheets that said happy birthday this is the first day of your death the memories chased him from his patients, and thought who could have been his patients had problems but not so severe to get to that I think that maybe for him it seems a joke in bad taste.

He had a lot of time, he did not feel scared he was a routine man, he was thin, he wore glasses but he still did not have much graduation and he was already old and even though he did not have much hair he still filled his head and he did not smoke he did not worry about being alone It felt strange because after the years passed he felt even younger since he had a lot of loneliness but he also did not let go through the mind that the years he fulfilled were those that his father did not manage to pass, but at that time he died.

He thought he would not survive at 53 the letter said that the analyst had ruined his life of that person but he still has no idea who he always thought could be a patient of him but had not had a conflict as bad as so that they were threatening him with death, it could happen.

In my opinion I think that none of the redheads could feel safe anywhere, the redhead two Sarah was afraid even the cars that were with her before it seemed normal that there were cars following her to the best and they went to the same place and because she I did not feel distrust now everything was different I was always afraid that someone would follow her.

Sarah was not at all calm I looked anywhere and felt that they were looking at her or saw a silhouette I did not know if it was male or female, I try to keep calm and put her mind to the blank and kept counting numbers but as I continued to see the vehicle, I saw As a silhouette was focusing more on her quickly she thought he was a murderer.

She felt that the big bad wolf saw her but she could not see him so she decided to get rid of her courage and invent some tactics in case he tried to kill her and the story of Little Red Riding Hood says that the more innocent the big bad wolf was He took advantage of the situation but also began to think that it would be absurd since having perfect tactics to kill someone thought.

He was distracted that moment in thinking that as soon as he turned to the vehicle, there was no one, he could not see the silhouette and he was more afraid to see that he could go from there and think that he was watching her from another side Sarah when she saw herself in that situation He leaves the car quickly opens the door and runs to the garden and some neighbors heard past and called the police and thanks to that Sarah was saved.

She took a breath and thought that if she could hold her husband’s weapon and when it was time to face the wolf she would be willing to pull the trigger. She did not know if she could do that. She thought that maybe if she said with strong and courageous words, I was not afraid I would give him more courage and I could pull the trigger but in trying to do that his voice was screeching and very low since I was afraid.

It seemed to her that the weapon weighed more than she thought her husband told her what was weighing in her mind she thought that if she shot him in the middle of the door maybe she could give it to him even though she also said that a ferocious wolf before attacking would ring the bell then she would wait for that signal as if to shoot her with fear she did not know what to do if she shot alarm.

Sarah steeled herself and knocked open the door and whipped it in when she opened it towards the door and whoever was in front of it would shoot to her surprise realized that there were two women of course she did not believe that any of them was the big bad wolf so he did not shoot as soon as he saw them he thought two people can not be the big bad wolf.

Sarah did not release the weapon or under guard and they only see her fixedly as soon as one of them started a blue beret and her red hair vanished on her shoulders the other with more advanced age does the same and her red hair also falls and she says to Sarah, redhead is us redhead 1 and 2 began to talk and there is Sarah felt very ashamed with them because their way of behaving asked for an apology and finally it is when she realizes that her house is all shot and neglected He is paying so much attention to the big bad wolf who had forgotten his house.

Redhead 3 is Hello Jordan and we are like you are following us the big bad wolf, they begin to talk and draw conclusions because the big bad wolf wants to make them year and already start to take some clues but Karen does not feel very sure because he thinks the big bad wolf could find them at 3 together and it would be easier to kill them.

The wolf planned the deaths of the redheads and he said that the death consisted of 3 stages and that if or were well planned step 3 would go wrong and would not achieve his goal was very comfortable planning the deaths of each of them he believed He felt like an athlete in a moment paused and began to think that he should start to carry out the deaths of them.

He thought of the situations of the three and thought it was not very advisable to kill the redhead 2 because she was looking for his death anyway was what he wanted and he was doubtful who would be the first redhead to kill more apart what they like in the books and the suspense to give more development to the story.

Each book always has something that makes it read or be as an addict to the thought the big bad wolf and what he wanted to achieve by having each of the redheads develop a story he remembered the story of Little Red Riding Hood and thought why the big bad wolf followed or I wanted to satisfy her hunger with Little Red Riding Hood if there were other people with whom I could do it more easily. There was the case she liked something about her which he did not know so I formulate in her book a question that is what I like about redheads?

He thought that maybe when he killed them he could have some adventure with them that would be a good plot but he also started thinking about his wife that he would be.